Listing – how do I get my products on the shelf?

Listing in food retailing still represents the greatest access to the consumer and thus justifies the covetousness for available shelf space. You have certainly heard the saying, “our shelves are not made of rubber” many times. Accordingly, you should have the right arguments on your side.

Among other things, you should have an answer to this question in a conversation with the buyer of a retail company:

  • What are the special features of your product?
  • How does the target group look like?
  • What sales potential (in €, the retailer’s unit) is planned?

Here too, the right preparation is the be-all and end-all. Use my sales consulting to be prepared on your way to a successful listing.

Negotiations – the buyer is the key to your success 

The cooperation with the retailer is based on mutual agreements, which are fixed in the form of contracts. These negotiations, which usually take place annually, are decisive in determining the level of investment and thus the continued success of the manufacturer.

A successful negotiation must be well prepared. It goes without saying that you know your products and figures. But how well do you know your buyer and his decision criteria? Put yourself in his position and look at the negotiation from a different perspective.

To make your next negotiation even more successful, I offer you to change your perspective with me.

Sales promotion – what measures can be used to increase your sales in a targeted manner?

Retailers offer their suppliers numerous opportunities to draw attention to their products by means of promotions and marketing activities. In stationary retail, these are often the handout and secondary placements while in e-commerce, banner advertising and newsletters are prioritized.

What counts is converting the customer at the POS into a shopper, whether in the store or in the online shop.

I will be happy to work out with you which sales promotion measures are suitable for your brand and thus achieve maximum attention from your customers. In the end, it’s all about the satisfied customer and your return on investment!

International – Do you want to expand your sales outside your home market?

What is your opinion of Germany, which is considered the most important industrialized country in Europe? The attractiveness of this central market in Europe is also related to its large population of 82 million. Have you already examined your potential there?

The foreign language as well as the customs of the target country should not keep you from considering the step of internationalization. It is essential to deal with the market, the customer needs as well as the competition in advance.

I will be happy to examine with you which opportunities and potentials your product range has abroad.

STARTUPs – Hurdles to successful market entry and what you should bear in mind!

Food STARTUPs and their enthusiastic founders regularly encounter a different world when they make contact with food retailers. Accordingly, a variety of new challenges arise on the way to scaling their product portfolio, especially via the central purchasing department of a retail organisation:

How …

… does the retail trade tick?

… do I prepare myself professionally for a dialogue with a buyer?

… do I negotiate at eye level?

… do I keep successfully my products on shelf?

If you are facing these challenges, I can offer you my many years of practical experience in the form of food retail coaching. These insights will help you achieve your goals more effectively.