Procurement and Sales Consulting

What does thinkRETAIL Consulting offer you?

Purchasing is where the money is made!” Consequently, your attention also belongs there. For retailers it is purchasing conditions and for manufacturer it is “necessary” investments.

My consulting portfolio includes…

Purchasing consulting for retailers: Reduce purchasing costs, optimize procurement and strengthen the purchasing organization.

Sales consulting for food manufacturers: Successful and economical placement of your products in retail.

What makes thinkRETAIL Consulting different?

At thinkRETAIL, many years of retail experience meet a healthy dose of hands-on mentality. I understand retail and I “speak retail” – think and talk retail. I know what makes retail tick and where things go wrong. With me, you get advice at eye level.

Your advantage: I know every facet of purchasing from the inside but look at it holistically from the outside for you. My perspective allows you to see your company’s situation from a different angle.

What does thinkRETAIL Consulting do differently? 

Prefabricated standard solutions are not solutions. Together with you, I develop individual strategies that fit your goals. Changes can only be achieved permanently and sustainably by change from within. This is where I start.


Procurement consulting for retailers

Sales consulting for food manufacturers

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